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professors and students

SA practical courses


A senior SA with practical signing experience at home and abroad teaches how to prepare CPSR and related important precautions.

Course is suitable for

Teachers who have passed domestic and foreign SA examinations and obtained certificates but lack practical experience are recommended to participate in this practical course.

Business team

​SA Consultant

People with senior SA practical experience at home and abroad are welcome to join the advisory team (domestic people who do not have SA signing qualifications but have practical experience can also join)


​Provide legal contracts to protect SA rights and interests, as well as a dual authentication mechanism to improve the quality and accuracy of the security assessment process.

math homework

SA Lecture Notes and Archaeological Questions


Safety Assessment of Cosmetics in the EU

Training course book 1 & 2

For teaching purposes, students can wear it under the

Math notebook and calculator

MOS algorithm/AI

Use professional domain knowledge to design and write grammar (coding) to calculate safe values from complex component information.

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