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     Lianyu Biochemical Technology focuses on providing top-quality cosmetics to cater to today's consumers' needs for skin care. According to my country's definition of cosmetics, cosmetics include shampoo, face wash and makeup remover, bath, soap, hair care, lotion/oil/cream lotion, fragrance, antiperspirant and deodorant, lip gloss, eye care, nail beauty, and tooth whitening and a variety of products including non-medicinal toothpaste and mouthwash.

    Since the "2025 Health and Welfare Policy White Paper" in 2016, my country has carried out a comprehensive reform of the management of cosmetics, and officially implemented the "Cosmetics Hygiene and Safety Management Law" on July 1, 2019. The law aims to improve consumers’ skin health and ensure that our country’s regulations are in line with international standards. Lianyu Biotech not only fully complies with domestic regulations, but also adheres to an international perspective and fully complies with EU cosmetics regulations. We establish a complete cosmetic information file (PIF) during the product development stage to ensure the safety and quality of the product. We have completed all necessary login procedures before the product is released to the market. In addition, the efficacy of the products has conclusive supporting data and complies with domestic and international public health cosmetics regulations.

    Lianyu Biochemical Technology is also a loyal practitioner of the third item of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals SDGs "Good health and well-being". In 2016, we established the Skin Health Promotion Research Center (SHPR), which focuses on establishing a database of Chinese skin types and conducting in-depth research on the skin health of human groups. SHPR not only has a professional background in international public health, but is also a recognized third-party research institution dedicated to providing fair and professional cosmetics research and evaluation. We firmly believe that high-quality products and professional research can bring real skin health to consumers. This is our consistent purpose.

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