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Corporate Social Responsibility


​Redirect Health Services

    Skin health should be a dynamic state of complete well-being, not just the absence of disease. Redirecting health services towards prevention is one of the important areas of action in the Ottawa Charter, and extending the focus to the wider community, UNIYU Lianyu Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd. has been providing free skin health examinations including health education to the community since 2018. The main purpose of all activities is to promote or maintain skin health and achieve a better balance between prevention and treatment. Community people are fully involved in skin care. Health check-up is the most cost-effective. If skin diseases or abnormalities are found during the skin examination process, referrals will be made to community medical institutions, and referrals will be confirmed with dermatologists. Follow-up and regular skin health examinations will include relevant health education courses to promote the exchange and circulation of health industry resources. .

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