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  • Ph.D., Health Promotion and Education Sep 2015 -Jun 2020

    • Department of Health Promotion and Health Education

    • National Taiwan Normal University College of Education

  • Toxicologist of Safety Assessment, European Toxicologist 2020 

    • Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) Safety Assessment of Cosmetics in the EU

  • M.Sc., Cosmetic Technology 2010-2012

    • Institute of Cosmetic Technology, College of Pharmacology, Chia Nan University of Pharmacy

  • Bachelor of Science, Cosmetics Application and Management, 2000-2002

    • Department of Cosmetics Application and Management, College of Pharmacy, Chia Nan University of Pharmacy 

  • Bachelor of Science, Cosmetics Application and Management, 1995-1997

    • Department of Cosmetics Application and Management, Deh Yu  college of Nursing and Health.


  1. ERT Toxicologist (Feb, 2020-Certificate: EURO Cosmetic Safety Assessor, Aug, 2016-TFDA Certificate SA-P- 105****026)

  2. Statistical analysis and epidemiological research

  3. Global Product Safety & Regulatory Affairs (PSRA) of  Cosmetics & Skincare

  4. ISO17025 Laboratory Quality Management Certificate 2018 TAF-QM1***-C-*3


Professional associations

  • Institute of Health Promotion and Education,.UK 2023

  • Taiwan Public Health Association 2020

  • Association of Taiwan health promotion and health education 2020

  • International Society for Environmental Epidemiology(ISEE) 2018

  • International Union for Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE) 2018

  • Taiwan cosmetics industry association 2005

Current Positions

As part of my role, I am dedicated to ensuring the meticulous implementation of all regulatory policies and processes. This is crucial for delivering products that adhere to global standards. My responsibilities include the preparation and ongoing management of Cosmetic Product Information Files (PIFs). Additionally, I play a key role in overseeing the substantiation of product claims, guaranteeing their accuracy and credibility. I also manage Cosmetic Product Safety Reports (CPSRs) to ensure our products consistently meet stringent safety standards.

  • Conducting a Survey on the Incidence of Adverse Reactions to Cosmetic Use (Risk Assessment)

  • Studying the Effectiveness of Cosmetic Products

  • Overseeing product development, which encompasses formula design and safety assessment. This involves a careful evaluation of each ingredient's addition ratio for safety and adherence to regulatory usage limits.

  • Managing the establishment of Product Information Files, certifying safety data sheets, and completing product notifications, which are vital steps in bringing a product to market.

I currently hold the position of Assistant Professor at various universities, teaching in the field of Cosmetics Regulation within Public Health since 2017.


2020-2023 SDGs and ESG Project Management and Execution

  • Demonstrating a continuous commitment to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically Goal 3 (Good Health and Well-being) and Goal 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities), alongside meeting ESG carbon reduction targets following ISO 14064 standards.

2016~2019 Public Health Researcher  and Regulatory Team Leader – Cosmetics & Skincare

Our team, in collaboration with the community leader, worked on a project centered around skin health surveys and examinations. 

  • As a regulatory manager with 16 years of experience in the cosmetics industry, I bring a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of UK/EU Cosmetic regulations, US FDA (MoCRA), and various other global regulations.

2008-2011 Cosmetics Brand Management

  • During this period, I facilitated a collaboration between a self-established cosmetics brand and prominent tourism channels. These channels included Top 100 Enterprises Shin Tung Yang, Love Story Museum, and the Hakka Tung Blossom Season, where our products were featured as exclusive souvenirs.

1999-2015 R&D Formulation Chemist 

In my role, I was instrumental in various aspects of cosmetic formulation, encompassing Research and development, Product Development, Process and packaging Development, Quality Control and assurance, Product Evaluation and safety Testing, and Microbiology. I was dedicated to maintaining the company's high standards of quality and practices, ensuring strict adherence to personal hygiene protocols and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards in all operations.

  • Key Responsibilities and Achievements:

  • Managed a cosmetics manufacturing factory.

  • Established and implemented the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system and an ERP system.

  • Developed and formulated a wide range of new cosmetic products, including skincare, haircare

  • Identified and evaluated raw materials and active ingredients for formulations, focusing on efficacy, safety, and cost-effectiveness.

  • Ensured compliance of all products and formulations with local and international regulations and standards, including labeling requirements and ingredient restrictions.

  • Provided Scale-Up and Manufacturing Support by collaborating with production teams to scale up formulations for mass production and offering technical support throughout the production process.

  • Conducted Packaging Compatibility Testing to ensure formulations were compatible with various packaging materials, preventing contamination or degradation.

  • Maintained comprehensive records of formulations, quality control, testing results, and other pertinent data, crucial for regulatory compliance and product consistency.


(A) Conference presentations

  1. Fu-Yu Chan (2023), Association between ambient fine particulate matter (PM10 ) and skin brown spots in Taipei City Community, 35th Annual Conference of the international Society for Environmental Epidemiology, Environmental Health Perspectives.

  2. Fu-Yu Chan (2021), Association of ambient air pollutant PM2.5 with skin redness features: An urban-rural comparison in Taiwan, 33th Annual Conference of the international Society for Environmental Epidemiology, Environmental Health Perspectives.

  3. Fu-Yu Chan, Yih-Jin Hu (2021), The effectiveness of the skin health promotion intervention: An experimental study, 11th IUHPE European Conference on Health Promotion (Oral presentation)

  4. Fu-Yu Chan, Shu-Fang Shih, Chao-Jen Shih (2019). A study on the correlation affecting skin aging: one study of the residents in Taipei city communities. The Prospect and future of Public Health Education, Public Health Joint Annual Conference 2019. Sep 28, 2019. National Taiwan University, Taipei (Oral presentation)

(B) Journal Articles

  1. Fu-Yu Chan, Yih-Jin Hu. (2020), Effectiveness of skin health education intervention: A case study of community in Taipei City (Unpublished doctoral dissertation), Department of health promotion and health education, College of Education,National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei

  2. Fu-Yu Chan, Chang-Ghuan Chan, Jui-Huan Lee, Tzu-Hsuen Yuan, Shu-Fang Shih, Cheng-Yu,Chen, Yih-Jin Hu. (2020). Association between air pollution and skin aging in Taipei City Communities. Taiwan J Pubic Health. 2020;39(2):143-154

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  6. Hua-Wei Chen, Man-Li Liao, Gui-Bin Hong, Jia-Rong Wu, Fu-Yu Chan (2013) , Compared the ability of polar and non-polar solvents to extract mountain pepper and remove DPPH free radicals. Published in the Journal of Medical and Health Sciences and selected as an excellent paper in the field of medical and health technology in 2013

  7. Kun-Wei Chiu, Wen-Kai Hsieh, Hua-Wei Chen, Qian-Er Wu, Fu-Yu Chan (2011), Analysis of the Extracted Functional Components, Antioxidant Power, and Whitening Ability of Jujube, Journal of Medical and Health Sciences.

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(C) Textbook

  1. Yaung-Chuan Lee, Fu-Yu Chan (2018), Principles of cosmetics 5th , Taipei:New Wun Ching Developmental Publishing Co., Ltd

  2. Jin-Yei Peng, Fu-Yu Chan (2012), The design & practice of cosmetics prescription 2th, Taipei:New Wun Ching Developmental Publishing Co., Ltd


  1. Thermal Beauty Module (2015), Utility model patent No.M514843 

  2. Module cosmétique thermosensible 16/54493

  3. Photoreceptor Cosmetic Module (2019), Utility model patent No.M573635

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